Let Me Take You on a Musical Journey

I fell down a rabbit hole today. This actually happens frequently with me, but it's usually work related. I'll go to check one fact and see something interesting and then look to find more about that interesting thing and next thing you know I'm miles down the garden path.

Today, it was a music video that caught my interest. A link was posted on Twitter and that led me to the video and that video blew me away. Not the video itself, but the music.

Consider this an official announcement: I am now a fan of Postmodern Jukebox.

Postmodern Jukebox is a group that reworks pop songs into mid- or early twentieth century musical styles. After watching that video, I found more on YouTube and then found the band's albums on iTunes and now I'm trying to figure out how many songs I can afford to buy.

I'm not really a fan of contemporary pop music. I couldn't even tell you who's popular these days. Consequently, I haven't heard the original versions of many of the songs Postmodern Jukebox covers. But oh, how I have fallen in love with the covers.

Seriously, they are worth checking out. You can start here with "All About That Bass," the song that got me hooked: