The Story Behind the Story: Boy Trouble

Literary agent Janet Reid is an invaluable resource to aspiring novelists, such as myself. I thank the day I discovered her online presence. I follow her on Twitter, I read her blog, and I subscribe to her Query Shark blog, in which she ruthlessly dissects queries. She is strict, but she is also a writer's biggest cheerleader. I bow at her feet, and I soak up her wisdom like a sponge.

The Sharkly One, as she is often called, periodically runs flash fiction contests on her blog, contests in which her readers are challenged to write a 100-word story that incorporates five words related to whatever topic or book she's chosen. Talk about putting the flash in flash fiction!

I've participated in a couple of these contests. Let me tell you, as hard as it is to write a 1,000-word story, writing a 100-word story is exponentially more difficult.My Fiction First story for this January 1st is one of those entries. This one is from 2012: a 100-word story that uses the words double, trouble, bubble, twin, and spin.

It's probably a sign of my age: I saw the words double, bubble, and twin and immediately thought of the Double Mint Twins from those old gum commercials. That's where my story begins.

Click here to read "Boy Trouble."