I won’t have a “Best Book I Read This Month” for this month. I’ve been too busy to get in much reading, but it was a worthy sacrifice.

FOR SALE: one gently used townhouse 

FOR SALE: one gently used townhouse 

I’ve been working toward selling my house for the last four or five years. On Friday, it finally went on the market. Townhomes in this area have been selling within 2-3 weeks of listing, so I'm hopeful mine will to. With any luck, I’ll be in my new place—in this same area but one better suited to my work-from-home life—sometime this summer.

And that’s not the only change. This week also brought a new addition: a 7-lb chihuahua named Penny.

I’ve wanted to get a sister for Duncan for a while. It just took a few months to find one he’d tolerate. Penny is 2 years old and originally from Texas. She was transferred to a rescue here in Illinois back in August.


So far, Duncan’s insisted that she keep her distance but there are signs that they will end up becoming friends.

Sign #1: tag-team begging. Penny was here less than hour before I started making dinner. I fed both dogs first and then began preparing my own meal. I was closely supervised the whole time. I suspect I will never cook or eat alone again.

Sign #2: the truce. Even during Penny's home visit, Duncan didn't want her near him. If she jumped up on the chair he was sitting in, he growled at her. If she approached him on the sofa, he growled at her. As long as she wasn't in or near his space, he was fine.


Then I came downstairs after my shower and found them sitting almost-together on the sofa. Duncan still growled at Penny if she tried to peek over the sofa cushion, but he let her curl near him on the pillow. That's pretty good progress for only a couple of hours.