The Best Book I Read This Month: Sadie by Courtney Summers


The best book I read this month was a young adult thriller called Sadie, written by Courtney Summers. It was not a happy read, but holy cow, it was a powerful one.

Sadie tells the story of Sadie Hunter, who disappears from her small town in the aftermath of her younger sister’s murder. It’s told in two POVs: Sadie and the reporter who’s tracing her.

I found Sadie’s voice more engaging and her part of the storytelling more engrossing than Wade the Reporter’s but neither side of the storytelling was happy. The story got darker with each chapter, and just when I thought the story might be turning toward the light, it got darker still. Did I mention this is not a happy read?

It’s one of the more riveting books I’ve read recently and it packs quite a punch, one that hits right in the gut.