We Survived!

Thank goodness we all have bubble coats. Here’s Duncan in his.

Thank goodness we all have bubble coats. Here’s Duncan in his.

Polar Vortex 2019 has come and gone, and all I can say is “Good riddance!” I never want to be someplace colder than Antarctica (or Mars!) ever again. It was a very long two days.

But I am happy to report:

  • we bundled up and hunkered down.

  • my furnace worked like a champ.

  • my walls are much better insulated than at my last place.

  • we never lost power.

  • two small dogs on a queen-size bed generate a whole lot of body heat.

Penny spent much of Day 2 turtled inside her coat.

Penny spent much of Day 2 turtled inside her coat.

Except for cabin fever and world-record potty times for the dogs, both days went by pretty much like normal.

Today, we were all itching to get out for a walk, but with temps in the teens, we didn’t get farther than the end of the driveway. But even that felt good after the deep freeze.

Mutt Mosey 2017

Thank you, everyone who donated to our Mutt Mosey campaign! We raised $400. The event raised more than $35,000 total--enough for Young at Heart to save 35 senior pets.

Special thanks to Pam for walking with us and hanging out with us at the event. We had a lot of fun!  Duncan did surprisingly well. He wasn't intimidated by the other dogs (except for the German shepherd puppy who mistook him for a rabbit.) And we didn't finish last!

Here's Duncan before, during, and after the Mosey:


A Little Help from Our Friends

On May 21st, Duncan and I will be walking in a Mutt Mosey, a one-mile walk to support a local animal rescue. This will be a first for us. We walk a mile or more most days, but this will be the first time Duncan walks in a crowd. I have no idea how he'll do. I suspect I will end up carrying him at least part of the way--especially if there are huskies present. (Huskies are his mortal enemy. No idea why.)

Duncan came into my life as a senior pet. Walking in the Mutt Mosey seemed an appropriate way to give back. The mosey, you see, is a fundraiser for Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions. They specialize in rescuing and finding homes for senior pets, who are often shortlisted for euthanasia in shelters for no other reason than their age.

Our participation includes a fundraiser. Any spare change you can donate would be greatly appreciated. To donate, click the orange Donate button on this website: https://www.crowdrise.com/ilene-goldman---mutt-mosey-2017

Thank you!

Happy Adopt-a-versary!

March 28, 2016: Duncan's Gotcha Day

March 28, 2016: Duncan's Gotcha Day

One year ago today (tonight), I brought home the overgrown mass of poodle hair that became Duncan. I'll never know his birthday, so I've decided to celebrate his Gotcha Day--his Adopt-a-versary. This is his first. 

In our first year together, this is what I've learned about him:

the begging face

the begging face

  • He does not bark or growl--except in his sleep. I've had a plumber in the house. I've had city water meter inspectors in the house. Duncan just sat on his chair and watched the parade. Not so much as a peep. When he sleeps, though, it sometimes sounds like he's fighting World War III single-handedly.
  • He only sits in soft places: the back of the sofa, a pillow on the overstuffed chair, my bed. If we're in the kitchen and I tell him to sit, he runs into the living room and sits on the chair. (Where else would a king sit but his throne?)
  • He is terrified of Huskies. He's not a fan of big dogs, in general, but Huskies scare the living daylights out of him. He literally jumps into my arms.
  • Toys are not on his radar. He doesn't notice them or care about them. When I bring a toy to his attention, he's not the least bit interested in it. I have tried every type of toy I could find. Not a whiff of curiosity. I now have a bucket of unused toys for my next dog.
  • He is not a cuddler or a snuggler, but his day is not complete until he's completely bathed my hand in kisses. Twice is his minimum.
  • He is a follower, not a leader.
  • He's not a problem-solver, either. If he's faced with a door that's ajar, he won't push it open with his nose. He'll just stare at it forlornly and wait for it to magically open on its own.
  • He loves walks, but he doesn't always remember how they work.
  • When he first got here, he was terrified of the kitchen. Would not set foot in it. Now he comes in regularly to beg while I'm cooking. (He also didn't know how to beg. He's become a pro at that, too.)
  • He still hasn't figured out there's a powder room on the first floor. On multiple occasions, when I've been in the powder room, he's looked for me--upstairs. To get upstairs, he has to walk right past the powder room. Talk about tunnel vision.
  • He loves--LOVES--watching dog videos on my phone. He watches very intently, and then gives me the "More?" look. 
Duncan wasn't sure what to make of his celebratory "pup-cake."

Duncan wasn't sure what to make of his celebratory "pup-cake."

He's made tremendous progress in this first year, going from an almost completely-shutdown dog to a little man with a funny personality. I can't wait to see how he grows over the next year.

Happy Adopt-a-versary, Little Man!