Size this!

As the weather has started to cool, I've been sorting through my winter clothes--those in my closet and those in my "someday they'll fit" bags. In the process, I made a rather frustrating discovery: size doesn't matter. Clothing size, that is.

I don't if this is true for "normal"/"misses"/"skinny-people" sizes, but in the plus size world, there doesn't seem to be any standardization of sizes. One manufacturer's size 18 is another manufacturer's size 20. One company's XL is another company's XXL. At one store, an XL means size 18, but another store considers size 14 to be an XL.

Consequently, I have absolutely no idea what size clothing I wear. Everything I keep in my closet and dresser drawers fits me. It just all happens to span three different sizes. I have snug jeans that are two sizes higher than my comfy jeans. I have an XL sweatshirt that is baggier than an XXL I bought at the same store. And don't get me started on the bra thing. That's just as bad--maybe worse.

Whatever happened to standardization of measures? By law, a pound is a pound is a pound, no matter where that pound is being weighed. Shouldn't clothing measures be just as standardized? In fact, instead of applying arbitrary numbers like 14 or XL, why aren't women's clothes sold by their measurements, like men's? Then I might actually get around to finding out what my measurements are!