For Valentine's Day: Letters to Myself

To My Body:
I am so sorry for abusing you.  I blamed you for all of my shortcomings, especially the ones that have nothing to do with you. I hid behind you, and then held you accountable for the results.  I  overemphasized you, when I should have recognized that you are only one part of who I am. I  treated you badly—I gave you the wrong kind of attention, instead of the nurturing kind.

Please forgive me. I am trying now to correct my errors, to treat you with the love and respect you deserve. Please be patient with me, for the path is a rocky one, but it is a path I am determined to tread. Together, I hope we can find our way to healthy.

To My Soul:
I apologize for ignoring you for so long. I became so focused on my body that I forgot you were there. It took decades for me to finally hear your voice, and even then it was so beaten down, it came out as little more than a whisper. I did not listen to you when you told me I was following the wrong path. I did not believe you when you told me I had the strength and ability to do what I dreamed of.

I am listening now, and you are right. I do have the strength and ability to follow my dreams, even when I feel like I’ll have to climb Mt. Everest in flip-flops to get there. I promise to keep listening, and to nurture you as I nurture my body, to treat you with the respect that you too deserve.  Like my body, you too have much healing to do. I hope you will help me make that happen.