A Song of Sandwiches

I tend to go through phases of food--weeks where all I want are spicy foods or grilled foods or foods smothered in tomato sauce. My current phase is sandwiches. For the last week or so, I've been eating sandwiches for nearly every lunch and every dinner, and sometimes breakfast, too. Peanut butter sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, mushrooms and Swiss, cheese and onion--you get the idea.

So why do I suddenly feel the need to indulge myself in sandwiches?

Maybe it's because they're simple. I'm working on a rather complicated project at the moment, and the simplicity of a sandwich is a comforting contrast.

Sandwiches are also convenient. This complicated project has required a couple of really long days, with more on the horizon. It's nice to be able to quickly throw together a simple sandwich meal instead of making my day even longer by having to cook.

Then again, it could be something much deeper, much more fundamental. Maybe it's simply that I enjoy eating with my hands. Eating with my hands feels more satisfying than eating with utensils. At least, that's what my inner cave-woman believes, and who am I to argue?

Whatever the reason, sandwiches are my current thing, and I'm certainly enjoying the ride.