I Take It Back!

All that stuff I said about how wonderful it is to walk outside and how beautiful the flowers and greenery look--I take it back. All of it. Every single word.

Sure, walking outside was a beautiful multi-sensory experience, but I forgot three key facts:
  1. Those beautiful blooming flowers produce pollen. 
  2. The comfortable spring breezes blow that pollen into my face. 
  3. I'm allergic to pollen.

So after two weeks of doing my thrice-weekly two mile walk outside, I found myself with itchy eyes and a sniffly nose and sneezes that sent chills down my spine.

Those beautiful flowers aren't so pretty anymore.

So, I have once again retreated to the safety of the gym, where I can see the natural beauty from behind a window and walk my two miles without itching eyes, sniffling nose, or spine-chilling sneezes.