A Sunburn for St. Patrick's Day

Most people will be wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll be in red—bright, glowing red, thanks to an unseasonable sunburn from this unseasonably warm weather.

With this unusual summer-like weather, going to the gym and using the treadmill just wasn't an option. Being on a treadmill does have its advantages, and there are times when it is exactly what I want or need. However, walking on a treadmill is like being the last dog in a sled team--the view never changes. In fact, the treadmill bears a striking resemblance to a human hamster wheel.

So, I decided on Wednesday to take advantage of the weather by walking in my neighborhood instead of going to the gym. I found a map online of the Lake in the Hills 10K race route and decided to walk as much of it as I could handle. Turns out I could handle about 2 miles, round-trip. Not bad, considering the hilly terrain.

The walk was perfect. Sunny blue skies. Birds chattering happily. No traffic. No Fox News (which plays constantly at the gym. Thank goodness I have an iPod and headphones!) I even found a little lakeside park that I never knew existed. (By little, I mean tiny. The whole thing can probably fit in my basement. I made a mental note to picnic there when I have time for longer, more leisurely lunches.)

By the time I plodded my way back to my front door, I felt both tired and invigorated. It wasn't until that afternoon that I realized I had been sunburned--not because I saw my red face in the mirror, but because I could feel the heat radiating off my face.

Today, the burn has calmed considerably, but it's still quite visible. I'm wearing it as a badge of honor.