Back in the Saddle

It took longer than I expected, but I’m finally back to the blog. Back to a lot of things, actually. Once I stopped blogging, I stopped exercising regularly (this was my first week at the gym in at least 6 weeks), stopped writing in my diary, stopped focusing on healthy eating habits. Basically, I stopped doing everything that had helped me get closer to being the healthy person I want to be.

Not wanting those lost weeks to be completely wasted, I ‘ve spent this week not only getting myself back on track behavior-wise but also looking for lessons I can take from the experience. This is what I’ve come up with:

1.    Newton was right. A body at rest does indeed stay at rest. Each day I didn’t go to the gym, it became easier not to go. Getting that body at rest to become a body in motion? Putting a man on Mars seemed easier. It took all of last week for me to psych myself up to go back to the gym this week.

2.    The gym is the key. Every building needs a foundation if it is going to stand. Going to the gym is apparently the foundation of my building of healthy habits. Without it, the building collapses. Last week, I tried to get back to practicing healthier choices. It didn’t stick. This week, as soon as I finished my first workout on Monday morning, those healthier choices became easier. Maybe it’s an instinct not to damage whatever progress I made at the gym. Maybe it’s a rise in endorphins from working out. Whatever it is, I get it at the gym and nowhere else.

3.    I need this blog. On those weeks when I was overwhelmed with work, this blog felt a like a burden: one more thing to do on a list that was already too long.  I discovered during my “time off” that blogging is a necessity for me on this journey. Like the gym, it keeps me on track. It keeps me motivated. It’s where I find accountability and encouragement. Without it, I feel perilously alone on this journey.

I can’t say I’m excited about being “back in the saddle.” I feel like I’m treading the same ground I covered six months ago. (Because I am, but let’s save that for another post.) I can’t say I feel especially motivated to get healthy, either. I can say that I feel the ship of my life is being righted again, and after six weeks of listing, that’s a good way to be.