Giving Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a list of what I'm thankful for this year (in no particular order):
  • my old dog's cuddles and companionship
  • the feedback--positive and constructive--I've gotten on my writing
  • the Scribes and Scribblers, for their feedback and for sharing their own writings
  • the support I've gotten from family and friends for my writing
  • the comments I've gotten on this blog
  • the companies that hired me this year--especially those who hired me more than once!
  • having a pool to swim in
  • crisp autumn air--perfect for walking!
  • On Fiction Writing, for being the first to publish one of my works of fiction
  • Writer's Digest judge Debby Mayne, for placing my story 5th in the Writer's Digest Annual Short Story Competition
  • letters from far-away friends
  • having a (too) comfortable new bed to sleep in
  • finding the self-discipline to exercise regularly and lose weight
  • my Twitter friends, who help me feel I'm not working all alone in my dark basement when I'm really working all alone in my dark basement
  •  Dogshaming, for making me laugh on a daily basis
  • television shows like "Copper," "The Good Wife," and "Once Upon a Time," for entertaining me 
 Thank you!