A New Word for a New Year

Last New Year's, I chose the word "enjoy" as my one-word New Year's Resolution. It worked exceedingly well, so I've decided to do it again. It's a new year today, so it's time for a new word.

My only criteria for this year's word was that it not repeat last year's. So I crossed enjoy off my list.

In looking at my list of choices for last year's word, I still don't like the word change, for the same reason I didn't like it last year.

But I decided that this year, I do want something goal-oriented. I've made changes in 2012--changes in eating habits, changes in exercise habits, changes in outlook--that I want to take root and blossom in 2013. For that reason, I considered the word blossom as my Word of the Year, but that doesn't sound like me to me. In my mind, it sounds too passive and too New Age-y.

Because I want to focus on those changes, the words accept and relax--two of last year's choices--don't seem very apt, either.

 So I thought about those changes I'd like to take root this year and others I'd like to keep in motion. I thought about other things I'd like to accomplish in 2013, too--like finishing my novel's revisions and looking for a literary agent. I really feel like I'm on the cusp of something. (What that something is, I'm not entirely sure, but something is on the horizon.)

With that in mind, I decided to choose the word strive as my 2013 New Year's Word. I am going to strive to continue eating right. I am going to strive to continue exercising 5 days a week. I am going to strive to continue enjoying my life. I am going to strive to finish revisions on my novel. I am going to strive to find a literary agent. I am going to strive to continue building my savings account. I am going to strive to update this blog regularly throughout the year. I am going to strive to continue becoming the person I want to be.

Here's to 2013--a year of striving!