Home, Sweet Home

It's 11:30 on Thursday morning. I should be working. But this niggly little voice in my head keeps whispering, "You haven't blogged in a while. You need to blog. It's been almost a month. Blog, already." So here I am, blogging already. (Shhh...don't tell my clients.)

It's been a weird and wild almost-month since my last post.
During that time, I changed my Internet Service Provider. Sounds easy, right? Just six words arranged in a simple sentence. If only it were that simple. See, my old ISP wouldn't play nice with my new ISP, and as a result, I ended up without internet service at my house for a week.

Because I need internet service to do my job, I spent that week hopping from public wi-fi hotspot to public wi-fi hotspot. I felt homeless. I spent hours each day at my local library, my local Panera Bread, my local Barnes & Noble. I spent so much time at Panera that I earned three free meals on my Panera rewards card and used all of them.

Spending all that time in public places challenged my immune system. I haven't been exposed to so many people and their germs in one day since I gave up my job downtown. As a result, I got sick. I spent much of my week of wi-fi surfing with a monster cold. Even now, two weeks later, I still have some lingering sniffles.

Thankfully, now that I have my new internet service installed, I can suffer comfortably at home--and procrastinate working by writing blog posts.