Change of Plans

You know how I said in my last post that my goal was to finish revising The Novel in time to submit to the Baker's Dozen Contest at Miss Snark's First Victim at the end of October? Well, forget I ever said anything. It's not going to happen. Life has thrown me a few curveballs that, while not forcing me out of the revising game, are at least putting it on the bench for a few innings.

This past Wednesday, Benji (my dog, for those who don't know) was diagnosed with kidney failure. He's actually doing quite well--better than I am, in some ways--but treating his condition has upended my routine. For the next two weeks, he requires medication three times a day, and since he doesn't want the medication, it takes more than a couple of minutes. (This morning, it took 3 hours. His mid-day dose took 30 minutes.) He's also refusing to eat dog food of any kind, so I now have to prepare homemade food for him--not difficult, but it does cut into my time.

Then, because Fate has a twisted sense of humor, she piled on a few more crises, each one pushing me just a little closer to the edge:
  • On Friday, my computer became possessed. It thought someone was typing even when the keyboard was disconnected and without power.
  • On Saturday, my oven clock went on the fritz. Not a big deal. I could live without it, except that the thing is beeping constantly to let me know it's on the fritz. Ye gods! 
  • This morning, one of my televisions--the one that's been lulling me to sleep at night--decided its receiver didn't work anymore.

To say my nerves are frayed might be an understatement. I am seeking comfort and hope wherever I can find it. Hence, the new quilt background to this blog. There's also this:  
  • AAA has a prescription savings card for members, and it's good for pet prescriptions. I was able to get Benji's medication for 60% off its regular cost: I paid $26 for $68 dollars worth of meds. 
  • My computer seems to have repaired itself. As of this morning, there was no more phantom typing.  UPDATE: The phantom typing has returned. Visiting the Mac repair guy is back on my to-do list.
  • After some stumbling and more than a little cursing, I found I was able to fix my television by resetting the receiver.  
  • I discovered that by toggling the switch on the oven clock, it will temporarily stop beeping. That means I don't have to call the repair guy out over the holiday weekend, which saves me a few bucks.  

So all that's left to deal with is fixing that @*#$ oven clock and my computer permanently and feeding and medicating the dog. Oh, and sleeping, because I haven't done much of that either this last week.