A Strive-ful Year

For the last couple of years, instead of making New Year's resolutions, I chose a word to guide me through the year. The only rule I made was that the word had to be an imperative. My word for 2013 was strive. I chose the word thinking of all the things I would be striving toward in 2013:

  • eating right
  • exercising 5 days a week
  • finishing revisions on my novel
  • finding a literary agent
  • building my savings account
  • updating this blog regularly throughout the year

The Universe, however, took my word as a personal challenge. "Strive, you say? I'll give you a reason to strive!" (Can you hear the cackle?)

So as much as I intended to spend 2013 striving toward my big goals, I actually spent most of my time striving against obstacles the Universe hurled in front of me:

  • a work slowdown in spring, which led to...
  • an income slowdown in summer, which was followed by...
  • a seriously ill dog
  • a series of broken household appliances
  • a car in desperate need of repair
  • a flooded laundry room
  • a lonely Thanksgiving

Because of those crises, most of the things I was going to strive toward remain out of reach. Revisions on The Novel are nowhere near finished, which means I haven't even started looking for a literary agent. My savings account balance shrank instead of grew. My eating, exercise, and blogging habits have been inconsistent at best. On the plus side, I survived every one of the crises (and so did the dog!), and I am proud and grateful about that.

I have learned something else from this experience, too. I will think carefully about the word I choose for 2014, lest the Universe be tempted once again.