A Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

So said Confucius a long, long time ago, and so begins my journey.

A while back, my friend Aroon asked if I had a blog. I responded something to the effect of “Hell, no!”  In fact, I'm pretty sure those were my exact words.

Nonetheless, a seed had been planted. In recent months, I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog. The obstacle was finding a topic that I could write about with authority frequently over an extended period of time. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I looked at my life and saw nothing all that interesting.

Until today.

Today, my muse hit me over the head with a gigantic piece of lumber. Two consuming efforts dominate my life these days: getting healthy (a.k.a. losing weight) and finishing my novels-in-progress. Why not blog about them? About the journey to reach my goals? About the trials, tribulations, frustrations, and victories that I encounter along the way?

So that’s what this is: the story of my quest to achieve my goals. The story of my “getting there,” starting with my first—and most difficult—goal: reaching my healthiest weight.

The journey is sure to be more than a thousand miles long with many bumps along the way, but this is the first step.