Announcing 5k Fridays!

I am quite possibly the least athletic person I know. My memories of athletic attempts are memories of being laughed at, discouraged, and ridiculed. Seven months at the gym, however, have made me determined to do one athletic thing in my life—just to prove that I can. I’ve decided that my “one athletic thing” will be completion of a 5k race, in honor of my June 5k fiasco

Of course, being the perfectionist/overachiever that I am, I don’t just want to complete the race. I want to make sure that I don’t finish in last place. (Second-to-last, I think I can live with.)

To get ready, I’ve decided to walk 5k on the treadmill every Friday. I started last Friday, my first “official” 5k Friday. I squeaked out 3 miles in 60 minutes. My intent—which I am proclaiming here to make it harder for me to chicken out—is to do 5k at the gym every Friday until I can cover the same distance in 45 minutes. Consequently (and because I like the alliteration), I have named these workouts “5k Fridays.”

Let the games begin!