Garbage In, Garbage Out

Last night was garbage night--the night I collect the garbage in the house, bag it up, and carry it down to the curb, where it sits until late Friday afternoon when the garbage truck finally finds its way down my street. ("Why don't I wait until Friday morning to put out the garbage?" you ask. Because the recycling truck comes down my street at dawn on Friday morning. It's easier to put out the recycling and the garbage at the same time--the night before.)

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed a trend. Garbage, it seems, is an indicator of my eating habits. During weeks when I make less-healthy (to put it mildly) choices, my 39-gal garbage bag is fuller and sometimes full. During those weeks when I make healthier choices, my garbage bag is less full--usually about half full or less. Last week was the former. This week was the latter. Next week I'm hoping to extend my streak to two.