A Year-End Progress Report

It's that time of year, those days and weeks when nearly everyone is uttering the phrase "New Year's resolution." More on that in next week's post. I thought that before I looked forward, I should take a look back.

Way back in January I made a list of goals. I even wrote them down! Of course, I wrote them in my journal-of-the-time and, once that blank book was filled, I put the journal on the shelf and promptly forgot about it--and my goals. (Isn't that how it's supposed to be done?)

This afternoon, I dug out that journal. You see, before I could say if I met my goals, I had to remind myself what they were. (Are you sure that's not how it's supposed to be done?)

I had eight goals. I fulfilled 3 3/4. Not bad, considering I haven't seen them in eleven months!

Here's how I did:

Goal #1:
Write down my goals in my journal. (Check! Could be the easiest goal I ever fulfilled.)

Goal #2:
Join a gym. (Check! In spades!)

Goal #3:
Earn XX number of dollars as a freelancer. (Nope. Missed it by a little more than 10%.)

Goal #4:
Take a vacation. (Check! Visited Greenville, SC in March.)

Goal #5:
Attend a writer's conference. (Nope. Needed that money for a new furnace instead.)

Goal #6:
Lose at least XX lbs. (Nope. Not even close. Of course, that was before I finally swore off scales.)

Goal #7:
Make a quilt. (3/4 Check. I have the quilt top and backing done. I just have to quilt them together. It should be done by the end of February.)

Goal #8:
Take a class to learn something new. (Nope. Still looking for the right class.)

Of course, there are a number of things I accomplished this year that I hadn't even dreamed about when I wrote those goals. This blog, for one. Completing a 5K, for another. Amazing progress on one of my novels, for a third.

So what if I didn't meet half my goals? I still had a GRRRRREAT year. (I just had to channel Tony the Tiger on that one.) That's why I'm re-thinking the whole goals/resolutions thing for 2012. More on that...next year! : )

In the meantime, I wish you all a happy, peaceful, prosperous New Year!