A Pat on My Back

It's been hot here--the kind of hot I left California to get away from. 90+ degree days that become 90+ degree weeks, but with the added bonus of Midwestern humidity. (Can you say "big hair"?)

I hate the heat. Always have. Sometimes I think I have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. Winters energize me; summers drain me. Summer--especially summers like this one so far--make me want to hide in my air-conditioned house and hang out with my buddies Ben & Jerry day after day.  No dog-walking, no exercising. Being in the heat for more than 2 minutes makes me cranky, grumpy, and whiny--not necessarily in that order.

But--and this is a big BUT (pun possibly intended)--this summer I haven't been hiding with Ben & Jerry. I've been out. I've walked the dog every day. I've kept up my gym routine. I've been outside for 30-60 minutes at a time watering my trees and shrubs in a desperate attempt to save them from being scorched.

Mind you, I've been cranky, grumpy, and whiny the whole time--but I've done it. And I'm almost flexible enough to pat my own back in congratulations!