I'm melting!

I have discovered this week that chronic 90+ (100+ yesterday, today, and tomorrow) melts more than crayons. It also melts my self-discipline.

I was so proud of myself last week for staying active and on-track during the heat wave. But now that the heat wave is in its second week, I'm not as active, not as on-track, and not as proud. And I still have a day and a half to go before the week’s over.

To my credit, I have maintained my gym routine this week. I even did 35 minutes on the elliptical machine--the longest I've gone on that thing yet. (Mind you, I felt like a baby giraffe learning to walk when I was done, but that's beside the point, right?)

The days in between, however, have not been so active. The dog walks, which were short to begin with, are even shorter. Neither my old dog or I can take the heat. (80 humid degrees before 9 am? No, thank you.) Just being in the heat for those 10 minutes or so is enough to suck out any energy I had for indoor activity.

Case in point: the July 4th holiday. I had such plans for that day. I was going to write a letter to a friend who lives across the pond. I was going to e-mail a friend with whom I’d recently reconnected. I was going to finally start revising my novel. I was going to write today’s blog post.

Then I took Benji out for his morning constitutional. By the time we got back inside, my plans had completely evaporated. I spent the day on my sofa watching reruns of Criminal Minds and NCIS. No letter. No e-mail. No revisions. No blog entry. Not a damn thing.

Now, all that wouldn't be so bad if I'd adjusted my eating habits accordingly, but instead I've been eating like a PMS Monster--here a carb, there a carb, everywhere a carb-carb--even though I don't have PMS. I know from experience that carb pattern is not a productive one.

How unproductive remains to be seen, but I do not have high hopes. We're supposed to have a break in the heat wave this weekend. Maybe that's about the time I'll be able to give myself a break, too.